origins of a silence

By: pensum

Mar 27 2009

Category: Landscape


Focal Length:22.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:VLUU NV10, NV10

image © 2009 Michael Tweed

image © 2009 Michael Tweed

image © 2009 Michael Tweed

image © 2009 Michael Tweed



2 comments on “origins of a silence”

  1. this is such a beautiful beginning for the new fallible, M.
    I got silent and light. thank you.

    perhaps you would like this, Bachelard again:

    However paradoxical this may seem, it is often this inner immensity that gives their real meaning to certain expressions concerning the visible world. To take a precise example, we might make a detailed examination of what is meant by the immensity of the forest. For this “immensity” originates in a body of impressions which, in reality, have little connection with geographical information. We do not have to be long in the woods to experience the always rather anxious impression of “going deeper and deeper” into a limitless world. Soon, if we do not know where we are going, we no longer know where we are. It would be easy to furnish literary documents that would be so many variations on the theme of this limitless world, which is a primary attribute of the forest. But the following passage, marked with rare psychological depth, from Marcault and Thérèse Brosse’s excellent work, will help us to determine the main theme: “Forests, especially, with the mystery of their space prolonged indefinitely beyond the veil of tree trunks and leaves, space that is veiled for our eyes, but transparent to action, are veritable psychological transcendents.”

  2. thanks R, and as always you have the ideal quote at your fingertips.

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