under a blanket of forgiveness

By: pensum

Mar 31 2009

Category: Landscape


Focal Length:7.4mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:VLUU NV10, NV10




2 comments on “under a blanket of forgiveness”

  1. another perspective:

    Winter loneliness
    In a mountain village grows
    Only deeper, when
    Guests are gone, and leaves and grass
    Are withered: troubling thoughts.

    (Minamoto no Muneyuki)

  2. ah, so true. however…

    the earth looks
    like one magnificent
    lotus flower
    as the sun rises
    over the snow white hills

    chi wa hitotsu daibyakuren no hana to minu yuki no naka yori hi no noboru toki

    hisakata no ame no ikusa no hiya ochite nioi surunari keshi no hanahara

    Yosano Akiko
    (whom i assume is one of your favourites)

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