journey (i): the resounding splendour of forgetting

By: pensum

May 06 2009


Category: photography


Focal Length:7.4mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:VLUU NV10, NV10

13357 © Michael Tweed

13361 © Michael Tweed

13374 © Michael Tweed


5 comments on “journey (i): the resounding splendour of forgetting”

  1. ah this light

    – soft and vast even through a veil, even in such rooms –

  2. All you have shown is your veil
    & all you have hidden is your veil
    & all you have inscribed is your veil
    & all you have effaced is your veil
    & all you have covered is also your veil.

    Niffari tr. Pierre Joris
    (the whole text can be found here)

  3. wonderful lines. thank you, m.

    i love this veil/veiling/unveiling metaphor so much. and you know Pierre Joris? (but you know everybody anyway, i just happened to discover him through this music that i posted once: )

    and now that i think of it, it is quite a coincidence that my post was also about a certain kind of light, and veils too…

  4. ah… Niffari… one could live one’s life just diving into Dogen and Niffari.

    by happenstance i actually had the pleasure of having lunch with Pierre in NYC a few years ago. none of my doing of course i was simply swept along to the cafe, but i remember a rather pleasant chat…

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