journey: three altars to an absence

By: pensum

May 11 2009

Category: photography, Urbanscape


Focal Length:15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:VLUU NV10, NV10


6 comments on “journey: three altars to an absence”

  1. it’s so wonderful. and the title! it almost seems to be a project that you have created yourself. i am always amazed at how your gaze follows a certain angle or delimits a fragment of the world, i couldn’t have taken these pictures myself.

  2. thanks for such kind words R.

  3. M. Tweed – thanks so much for the kind note – I corrected my error in crediting Ms. Ghita.
    Your photos are so very beautiful. Best, Jerelyn Gilstrap

  4. My pleasure Jerelyn, and thank you for your kind words about my photos.

  5. michael-

    l really admire your whole approach.

    i attach this link, not because it’s directly relevant (everything looks like something) but because you might like it if you don’t already know it.


  6. thanks so much alex, both for your comment and for the link. i’m a big fan of Magritte, in fact i just watched a documentary on him the other day. i find that one to be a particularly unsettling piece.

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